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How to use:
1.First of all, you want to install codecs. Most failures are due to suppression of the decoder issue, so please pay special attention to the installation of decoders. Avisynth must be installed. After the installation of other decoders can choose to install a storm of friends can use audio and video decoder storm comes. Other decoders such as the K-Lite Codec Pack and the ultimate decoding we can choose according to preference. I suggest you to use Avisynth 2.5.8 rc4 English and K-Lite Codec Pack 417. If you fail there the phenomenon of conversion decoder can be replaced, or updated version of the decoder.(Avisynth and K-Lite Codec Pack are downloaded on web)
2.Then Ezbuilder related settings.
Click the picture for revision establishment

Enters the establishment of surface.

Ezbuilder_Universal set this without changing maintain default can.
Ezbuilder_ mainstream Item Setting follows:
Ezbuilder Profile set location Ezbuilder mainstream Item Setting (NDS DPG2 format conversion related settings)
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Play rate setting (FPS): 20
(You can set video per second between screen playback frames)
RG format setting (RGB Format): RGB24
(You can set RGB pixel composition format, temporarily Do not change)
Picture quality setting (Video Quality): extra
(You can set need reached picture quality max_extra (best), extra (good), better (better), normal (general), please needed choose fill)
Maximum flow (Video Max Bitrate): 1536
(You can here Dashboard maximum flow)
Screen buffer (Video Buffer Size): 2688
(You can Dashboard buffer)
Average flow (Video AVG Bitrate): 1024
(You can Dashboard Average flow)
Setting sound channel (Audio channels): stereo
(Stereo (double channel), mono (mono))
Setting sound sampling rate (Auido SampleRate): 32768
(32768 (higher Quality), 32000 (general Quality))
Setting sound flow (Audio Bitrate): 128
(You can setting sound flow)
Set M1V encoder (MPEG-I Encoder): ffmpeg
(You can ffmpeg with mencoder choose between)
Setting Quantizer (ffmpeg Quantizer): 4
[You can set ffmpeg encoder next quatizer parameters (recommendation range 3-5, digital smaller quality the better but file size year increase)]
Generally use default set on it. Personal feeling most projects changes effect not obvious which frames a non settings too high. More conversion experiences welcome and I exchange.
Setting finished, followed concrete conversion steps:
Generally use default set on it. Most projects changes effect not obvious which frames a non settings too high.
Setting finished, followed concrete conversion steps:
a. Will source video file into MediaFile folder

b.Later run programs

c.Enter program interface, select DS related videos format, press 4 after press Enter

d.Enter Next interface, select 1 or 2 which 2 is fullscreen mode specific opt tablets source and preferences determined, press 1 or 2 press Enter

e. After conversion start patient can

f. Conversion After turn good movie appear in DoneFile folder, after could loaded to your storage card using DS conducted viewed.

If we To batch conversion words will piece source Full put MediaFile folder can, program 11 conversion.
Because DS screen resolution limited, direct conversion Television resources are often subtitles misjudge unclear phenomenon.
So conversion time we can choose use plug large subtitles.
No subtitles tablets source download can to eDonkey search:
Plug subtitles Download can go striker net:
3.Corresponding plug subtitles fonts related settings:
Enter software directory / tool / profile / Nintendo, Nintendo folder three folder which NDS-DPG and NDS-DPG (fullscreen) as DPG set. Which NDS-DPG (fullscreen) expressed fullscreen. Both folders in have font_style.txt, to open.
Inside Microsoft YaHei and 16 expressed font and size, to read Founder quasi round _GBK, 12 so better effect.

After Close Save, fonts set complete.

Now we can converted will tablets source file and subtitles placed together software directory MediaFile folder, two files name must consistent. If: Final Fantasy. Avi and final fantasy. Srt

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